Hi…My name is Renea and I am a Craigslist addict.

If only I were joking….I am not.   We live in a throw away society and one on the move .  Craigslist serves as a marketplace for many to unload items they can no longer use or want.

I search Craigslist nightly.  Some people are tuned in to their favorite show on the telly but I am on my smartphone searching.   I have gotten REALLY good at finding things.   Number one I am persistent, number two I have learned key word searches to quickly find treasures, and lastly I can speak the words a seller wants to hear.  “I want it!  I have a truck and a man for pickup.  I can come SOON and I have cash!”   If its something I really want and I know that other Craigslist treasure hunters will want it too and its a fair price then I do not quibble for a discount.    Just simply…when can we meet.  I HAVE CASH!    Know the language! I find things I’m not even looking for.  Things that are deals almost too good to be true.  When I come across those things I sit and wish I knew someone who needed that 6 month old Bernhardt leather sofa for $200, or that Henredon armoire for $25.  If you are a close friend then you can attest to getting texts from me with Craigslist links attached and my comment “know anyone looking for this?”. Yes I readily admit I have a problem when I’m looking for things for people I don’t know that might be looking for things.

Getting back to my Hilton Head project.   You saw in my last post how small the kitchen is.   I needed additional storage and I needed a WOW factor.    When I landed in Hilton Head in July we hit the ground running and visited consignment shops looking for a large serving piece for the dining room.  There were lots of beautiful things at these second hand shops and we purchased many things but the one piece we needed for the dining room alluded us.  Any time I travel I routinely check the Craigs in the city I am visiting.   In this case prior to arriving I searched Hilton Head, Savannah, and expanded to Charleston where I found a listing for a hutch.


The ad post looked to be of good quality but pics can be deceiving.  It was only after shopping a retail store on the island that I discovered what a treasure the craigslist piece was indeed.  The salesman had pulled out a catalog to show us the large pieces that could be custom ordered.   I could barely contain myself when there…..on those pages was this very same piece.   I will tell you that I was EQUALLY shocked that someone would actually spend that much money and  turn around and sell it.   This piece new was several thousand dollars and by several I mean more than three or four.   It was in fact closer to five and worth every penny if I had five thousand to spend.  Its huge. Measuring out at 7ft wide and 8ft tall.  It definitely was a WOW factor and offered plenty of storage.  It is solid wood and has a beautiful distressed finish in a neutral color.


Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get outside and tell the owner I knew where she could get that EXACT piece for much much less.  Asking price wax $1000 and negotiated lower to $700.   The previous owner LOVED LOVED the piece but she was moving to Delaware and did not have the space for it in the new place nor did she want the cost of moving it only to store it.  I would have had a hard time parting with it.   Her loss our gain.

A good bit of the furniture was bought second hand.   The four chairs in the Carolina room were purchased for $35 a piece and slipcovers were made right here in Cincinnati by a wonder mother/daughter team.   Slipcovers by Betty is the name of the company.  White canvas can be purchased online for around $7/yard and four chairs were slipcovered for around $250 each. That’s chair, fabric, and labor.


Perhaps you are gasping white!!!  Yes white!  Yes they have dogs, and kids and its white.  White slipcovers are in my opinion the easiest thing to take care of.  First how nice is it that everything can come off and go into the washer for a soak and good wash.   Secondly you can bleach the heck out of it if you do get a stain.


The chaise in the living room was a Craigs purchase.   It is an Arhaus Baldwin.  I will let you price the Arhaus Baldwin Chaise.   I paid $300 for this one and I nearly kicked my friend as she tried telling the people selling the chaise where they could get a new slipcover if color was the reason for them selling the piece.   I hadn’t borrowed my sons truck and driven to Cincy to TALK THEM OUT OF SELLNG IT.   A little know fact is a company called McCreary Modern makes furniture for many companies.  I have found the Arhaus Baldwin chaise  slipcover fits the Ballard Designs Baldwin Chaise and vise versa.  They are the same.   Both are made by McCreary Modern.   A new slipcover was purchased for the chaise at the Ballards Outlet here in Cincy for less than $100.

If you follow along on Instagram you saw an industrial score on Craig’s.  I’m designing bathrooms and the workbench will be a sink base…..stay tuned on that project.

Anyone else addicted to Craigslist? Or find a score you are proud of?  I’d love hearing about it.


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