Hilton Head….the before….

20150717_081927We all have home projects we would like to tackle.  Few people can do them all at once. This is a villa in Hilton Head, SC. This pic is how things looked when I arrived last July and before the renovations began.

A room renovation…a house renovation always begins with something. Maybe its a sofa, or something far simpler  like new bedding. Sometimes a renovation begins with a picture cut from a magazine or PINS from pinterest.

In this case the homeowner left it to her two bestest of friends to select a sectional. They went to the Haverty’s off island and selected a beautiful grey sectional. Grey was singularly the most requested color in many of my projects in 2015. In fact one of my painters commented just yesterday hes painted the last 5 projects grey.  They werent all the same shade.  I don’t see the demand for grey changing for 2016.

If you aren’t one of those lucky few people who are fortunate to get to do everything at once either by renovating or building…don’t feel bad. Truth is most of us can’t. It takes on average nine years…yes 9 to get a house just the way you want it.

I’m going to leave you with this one image. I mentioned that I am going to have a giveaway. One person who lives in the Cincinnati/NKY area will get one free design consultation. You MUST live one hour from Cincinnati in any direction.  Share this post on your own Facebook page and comment  here and on your facebook page what it is that you need help with. I will hold the drawing before Valentines Day!

Happy Friday!!

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