Sweet tea for your soul…..



Life is a lot like sweet tea.  It is all about how you make it………..

I started talking about writing a blog in early summer.  I had a meeting with an acquaintance to discuss a new turn that his business was taking and how bloggers might help advertise the product.   He asked me point blank why I didn’t have a blog.  I rattled off several reasons.  Mostly excuses now that I look back and think about it.

I then had meetings and discussions with a very talented writer and friend Michele Peers/Writers Block about blogs and  what mine might look like SHOULD I decide to do one.    Michele would call periodically  to gently nudge me….when are you going to write your dang blog?  I had holidays coming and the wonderful and crazy busy-ness (is that a word? ) I had a great deal of busy-ness in my life.  I still do.  I know you do too.    All our many jobs that come with being mother, grandmother, chef, party planner, grocery shopper, laundress, house cleaner, chauffeur….I HAD A JOB amongst those other titles and on and on.  BUSY-NESS!! I knew I was kidding myself if I thought that BUSYNESS would ever slow down.  If anything I was I running behind in that marathon with time………and worrying if it were too late.   At the same time something in my soul was calling out to me…..

When was I going to pull that dang trigger?   So here it is.  Call it pulling the trigger.  Call it a leap of faith.  At some point all our self doubts are our worse enemy and you just have to DO.   I have no idea where this blog will lead or if this will be the sweet tea my soul is longing for.    I have a villa renovation in Hilton Head that is complete that I’m going to share, a giveaway coming up  for my Cincinnati/NKY friends (FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION), and I’m going to share a much loved recipe for sweet tea.     One thing I am certain of is that there is no shame in my DOING.    I am going to give this blogging  a try.  I hope you will at least follow me a little while and perhaps share what your leap will be in this new year.  Perhaps you will find some sweet tea for your own soul along the way.

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