The Bones…….

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In my last post I showed you the before pic of the living room and how every project begins with something….a color, a piece of furniture.  When I arrived the owner and I put together a list for the contractor so we could get an idea of cost and set a budget.    This is the view into the  small galley kitchen.  It is approximately 7x7ft and somewhat cutoff from the large dining room/living room and Carolina Room.

 20150717_082055This is the Carolina Room…I just love the sound of those words.   This most likely was a porch that was enclosed and opened up to become a part of the living space.   For some reason I only have a before pic of the guest bedroom which is below.


I always address the bones of any space…. the bones in any house or room serve as the foundation.  It’s trim, wall color/finish, lighting, and flooring.  All the things that are going to stay should you sell.

Here is the basics of the changes that are going to take place.  Start at the top when you are looking at your own space and work your way down the walls to the floors.    Here is the breakdown.

  1.  Add crown molding, new baseboard, and replace interior doors.   Trim can add so much to a room. If you want a small change look at adding crown molding to your room.    I try to go as wide as the budget allows without looking ridiculous in a room.
  2. Lighting….add additional lighting and swap out dated fixtures.  The plan is to add four can lights over the seating area in the living room and add an additional light over the dining room table.   I love using multiple lights over a table.
  3. Paint all surfaces…..I like contrast.  If you have crown molding or are adding it then paint it a different contrasting color than the walls.  It will stand out.
  4. Pull up carpeting and stain the concrete floor.
  5. The kitchen is getting gutted and if possible the doorway to the kitchen is going to expand to open the view in and out of the room.   It will still be 7ftx7ft and we are NOT moving any plumbing.  Moving plumbing always ADDS a ton to the cost.
  6. Add dry bar to the Carolina room….budget allowing. Both owners love wine and this space would be ideal for a wine fridge as the kitchen is too small to remove cabinetry to allow a wine fridge.
  7. New furniture and accessories that are NOT beachy.  Wicker and bamboo just isn’t for everyone besides it is EVERYWHERE!  We have a new grey sectional on order from Haverty’s.  Budget budget budget….not everything will be new.   I can tell you this now.  On my very first trip we hit the consignment stores on and off island and they are everywhere and I had a blast shopping!!

Let me just tell you now the plan to pull up the carpet and stain the  concrete did not go as planned.   There’s almost always something that will go wrong.   I’ve learned to expect it and I’m going to address the concrete in my next post.

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