The concrete floor…..




This is the view looking into the carolina room. The carolina room is just beyond the header you see.    This room as I said in a previous post was most likely a screened in porch that was later enclosed with windows and opened up to expand the living space.   It has a beautiful view of a lagoon.

The plan was to pull up the carpeting in the foyer, dining room, hall, living room and carolina room and stain the concrete floor. This pic was taken on my second visit in September.  The walls have been painted and the crown molding has been completed.

What is difficult to tell in the picture is that when the carpeting was removed, what we discovered was an old epoxy finish.   It could prove difficult to sand and given the age of the floor epoxy was asbestos a concern? We needed a new plan.

The homeowners were sold on the ease and care of hard surface flooring.   Hard surface flooring is anything deemed hard and washable like wood, laminate and tile.    The two families sharing the villa have dogs and kids.  Need I say more.  The alternative plan ultimately was to tile the entire area.

The one thing I had to take into consideration was the hall bathroom was already tiled so whatever flooring was selected had to coordinate with the bathroom tile which was a travertine.   I immediately thought hardwood would be beautiful.  Nothing warms a room like hardwood.  The issue at hand was we were going over a concrete slab in a moisture prone environment.   Real wood was out. The discussion then turned to hardwood looking tile.   Hardwood tile is actually tile made into “planks” and finished to look like real wood.   I have used this before  and love it in bathrooms when real hardwood isn’t practical around showers and bathtubs.  The key to making it look real in my opinion is keeping grout lines to a minimum and using dark grout so the grout line looks more like a crack between floor boards.  The finished floor is stunning and a fooler on the eye.



Switching to the tile  was not an inexpensive change to make.  In fact it added quite a bit to the overall cost of the project.

When planning a large project you always need to factor in changes.  Nothing will go as planned.

I’m going to reveal the AFTER pics in my next post….stay tuned.

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